Leave feedback and reviews on the Onlypult.com service and get your plan extended for up to 2 months for free.
Extend your plan for free!
Just till October 19!
How to get up to a 2-month free period?
Choose one or more options.
Publish a feedback post or review on the Onlypult.com service
Leave your feedback on any platform listed below or find another one where your feedback will be helpful for users.
You can get more than 2 weeks to use the service for free for each feedback comment left on any platform listed below.
Option 1
Publish your feedback post or review on our service
on the following web sites:
The feedback post should contain not less than 150 words and should tell about the Onlypult service.
The feedback post should be reasonable and detailed.
Tell about:
- how you work with the Onlypult service;
- what features you use;
- what features are the most useful in your opinion;
- what you like about our service;
- why you have chosen Onlypult to work with social media.
The feedback post should not
contain referral links.
Please wait for your review to be moderated and published on the platform you have chosen (it may take up to 2 weeks)
Leave feedback on your social media accounts
A feedback post on the Onlypult service on social media will allow you to use the service for free for 1 week according to your plan.
Option 2
Publish a feedback post on your account on any social network. For example, on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and so on.
Your post should contain a link to the Onlypult.com service. You can use a referral link.
The post should contain not less than 10 words. If you publish a long and detailed feedback post, you can get a longer period to use the service for free.
Your social media account should be active, contain posts for the current month, and have not less than 100 followers.
Fill in the form below
As soon as your review is published, please fill in the form and provide the e-mail linked to your Onlypult account and a direct link to your review (or if it is not possible, provide a screenshot).

As soon as your feedback is processed, you will get your plan extended
for up to 2 months for free.
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*The offer is available for feedback posts published before October 19, 2021
  • The offer is available for the Onlypult Service customer at https://onlypult.com till October 19, 2021. The time for processing the form takes 1-7 days.

  • The Offeror has the right not to extend the plan (i) if the feedback post contains deliberately false statements, indecent language, extremist utterances, or insults; (ii) if the terms and conditions of the offer are not complied with.

  • The Offeror has the right to alter the terms and conditions of the offer by publishing the text of the terms and conditions with the corresponding alterations on the website.

  • By participating in the offer, the customer confirms that they have read and agree with the present rules. By participating in the offer, you agree that the information you have voluntarily submitted, including personal data, will be processed by the Offeror according to the Privacy Policy.

  • The Offeror is not responsible for technical glitches caused by the equipment providing the operation of servers, communication channels, and subscriber devices.

  • The Offeror is Kuznitsa LLC.

  • If you have any questions about the content and terms and conditions of the Offer, you can write to [email protected].